The Southwest Juniors Volleyball Club is one of the elite volleyball programs in the greater Houston area and Lone Star Region. Southwest Juniors was formed in 2002 with just 3 teams. The club has grown tremendously and incorporated 17 teams in the 2009-2010 season, sending 5 teams to Junior Nationals. Our main goal is to continue to service as many young athletes in the Richmond, Katy and Sugar Land areas as possible. 

Ebi Azimi is the director and founder of Southwest Juniors.  He started the club in 2002 to provide young athletes a well rounded education in the style of volleyball preferred by colleges today.  His vision for the club and his players is guided by his extensive experience in the volleyball arena.  Ebi played 15 years with top international programs in Europe and the Middle East.  His love for the game quickly propelled him into coaching at the international level as well as 16 years in the Houston area.  With over 38 years of experience in the volleyball industry, Ebi has developed a philosophical approach to volleyball which is taught and practiced throughout his club.  He teaches an aggressive style of offense combined with a strong defensive approach in order to propel his teams to the top and allow his athletes the ability to compete at the highest level that can be attained! 

Mission Statement
Southwest Juniors is committed to providing young athletes first class training in the sport of volleyball. The director and coaches will provide all athletes an opportunity to excel as individuals and as a team. This will be accomplished through a fun, competitive, positive and respectful environment in which all players will thrive.  Players will learn that they can reach their goals on and off the court by adhering to a strong work ethic and exhibiting a winning attitude during times of triumph and when faced with challenges.  These lessons include teamwork, positive communication, respect and how to accept victory and defeat with dignity and a winning attitude.

Recruiting Services
Southwest Juniors is committed to helping all of our young athletes excel in the sport of volleyball well into their collegiate years.  Please contact Ebi Azimi to answer any questions you may have with regards to how Southwest Juniors can help your daughter gain recognition from some of the top colleges around the country.

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